Documentaires & korte films

Ikikata – A way of life
In samenwerking met DOX presenteren we de eerste documentaire waarin Giovani Vreede afreisde naar Japan om de hiphop scene daar vast te leggen.

De organisator van The Kulture of Hype&Hope Giovani Vreede ontmoet de meest relevante hiphopdansers en hiphopteachers van Japan. Zo komen ze een week samen, aan de voet van de Mount Fuji, in Fujisawa. Daar vindt het internationale Street Dance Camp Japan plaats, georganiseerd door Hiro Alma. Japan is al jaren ‘the place to be’ als het gaat om pure, rauwe, originele hiphop dans. Het is op dit moment het land met de grootste hiphopcultuur ter wereld. Het cliche is waar: Japanners kunnen perfect kopiëren en méér! De hiphop subcultuur is extreem levendig en extreem goed.

In samenwerking met Summer Dance Forever en Cinedans presenteren we een zestal video’s die tijdelijk beschikbaar zullen zijn via New Dance TV: WE LIVE THIS, REACH, Farm of memories, Revivre la scene x Apaches, She Paradise en Sandwichmaker.

A story of four boys from the projects who have come together to pursue their dreams in a bustling metropolis that spreads over five boroughs. Most New Yorkers who ride the subways have opinions about them, but what lies beneath these young performers is more than what meets the eye.

2015, 11’, United States, documentary
Director: James Burns
Producer: Todd Wiseman, James Burns, Milos S. Silber

A film about love, abandonment and fatherhood. A collaboration with Botis Seva’s hip-­hop theatre collective, Far From The Norm, and a Sadler’s Wells and Random Acts commission.

2018, 4’, United Kingdom
Director: Billy Boyd Cape
Choreographer: Botis Seva

Farm of memories
Down-and-outer Russell loses his memory. Desperate for love and security the young man starts exploring a deserted building embedded in his earliest memories.

2015, 8’, The Netherlands 
Director / choreographer: Gianni Grot

Revivre la scene x Apaches
Performance of “Apaches” from Saido Lehlouh with the French creme de la creme!

She Paradise
A teenage girl struggles to fit into a crew of Soca backup dancers. She does not succeed at first. The crew presents her with an opportunity for friendship and escape. Her first chance on stage becomes a night of difficult choices but also possibilities for an exciting new future.

Director: Maya Cozier
15’, Trinidad / Tobago

Disregarding classic conventions of filming and narrative, this raw and free spirited documentary offers reflections on the essence of dance in life, meditation and sandwich making.

2019, 17’, Russia
Director: Ramazi Baranov